El motoarrebatador by Agustin Toscano «Seeking redemption can help you discover yourself» by Jenny Osayande

El motoarrebatador by Agustin Toscano
«Seeking redemption can help you discover yourself»

El motoarrebatador is a fictional film of 94 minutes from Argentina realised by Agustin Toscano, it was inspired from a similar situation experienced by one of Agustin Toscano’s family member. Its a film in spanish subtitled in french, it’s centered on the connection between a thief on a motorcycle «Miguel», who was involved in a bag snatch and his victim «Elena». A thief ,a father with a good heart that seeks redemption for his wrong doing after his crime puts his victim in a critical condition. This film will interest you because it critizes the society and humanity, it puts us in the mind of the actors with a lot of suspens on every scene. It takes us from the peace and calm of the little village to the chaos in the big city. I really liked this film because of the storyline, it gives me a little insight on the events thet happens around the world and also helps me to discover a society that lacks law and order which helps to hold the citizens together and guides them in the right part. Because in this film there was a lack of law and order in their society where the police departement was on strike, something that i have never heard of because the police is needed to control the society and put the citizens in check. This film puts a question mark on my capacity to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of my desicions, the only thing that i didn’t like and understand was the essence of some scenes in the storyline like when Miguel was spraying the house of Elena with insecticides naked with only his motorbike helmet on. It creates confusion and a sense of lost, in conclusion you should go and watch this film because seeking redemption can help you discover yourself.

Jenny Osayande

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