What’s the international education film festival ?


This festival , let’s talk about it !! We’re in the beginning of december at the 17th edition of the international education film festival of Évreux ( Normandy , France ) and I think that’s necessary to sum up this big event .

The festival was born in a context of the creation of « a place of meeting around cultural subjects » and « a place of sharing », so , it suggests a large « opening to the world » and « an intercultural view » to public . That’s why I’m going to present to you it benefits , it advantages and it consequences on people .

First , the festival has a cultural and educative interest : « cinema is a very important way to teach and educate » . By asking diverse people , we’re also going to know that the festival is rich and it allows the discovery of « different films , cultures , ways of filming … » . Other ones will indicate that « it’s very informative » , it’s « always interesting » , it « makes you happy » but it main interest will be to « hold the reality of the world » .

Concerning the film selection , we will note a great satisfaction from the public : film directors had « really important messages to give » and that was « [done] really well » . All these films propose « something true » while « you realize , when you see the movies , how they (people) live in their country » during what , in Europe , we are complaining about tiny reasons so that makes us asking questions to ourselves and realize that there still exist a lot of social contrasts in many countries .

Moreover , this five days period offers to us a friendly atmosphere and a personal enrichment thanks to « strong interactions » which bring to us « knowledge » . Some people are able to agree : « you can exchange » , that’s a « useful experience » , « it brings me something for the future », we can « meet new people » and it’s « really inspiring » , « educative » and « cool » .









Finally , we can confidently affirm that this festival bring to us a lot more than a simple entertainment, that means a personal enrichment which gives to us an opportunity to develop ourselves , to be aware , to see the world by different angles but mostly to realize that knowledge is endless and that there will always be something to learn or to teach about any subject .

That’s why the international education film festival is promising and I recommend it to anyone while you will have everything to earn by participate in it .


Thanks : Christian Gautellier , Olivier Pekmezian , Axel Ricard , María , Paloma , Théo , Claire Denis , Pierre Jourdain-Sthäly , Pascaline Deuve .